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The Infinity Group, established in 2004, is a WBE certified company built on over 35 years of commercial and residential construction experience.  The Infinity Group has roots into mainstream construction beginning back in the late 1970’s along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and early 1980’s in Orlando, Florida.  Over the years the principals of our company have built a solid reputation in the field of development and construction for maintaining high quality standards while completing our projects on time and within budget.

Construction knowledge, project control, planning and scheduling are the key elements of success to every project.  With construction experience from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, through Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and down the peninsula of Florida, our company has a Southeastern market focus that delivers on the specific needs of our developers and real estate investors. 


The Infinity Group’s mission is one of excellence and hard work.  In every project we undertake we will strive to be competitive with our pricing, sensitive to the needs of our clients and the quality standards their projects require, on task with our schedules, contributors to our community, and devoted to our families.

Our goal: be better, work harder and raise the bar on our standards every day.


The Infinity Group is best known as a full service general contractor and construction manager. We focus on the "team" approach to project development because it consistently offers the owner the highest investment value. Using our concept of relationship building with architects, engineers, developers and owners, our projects are developed to maximize cost-efficiency, quality, versatility and longevity through idea sharing and experience. Using value-engineering analysis to compare initial costs versus long term return on investments we are able to offer design change options and/or material selections and methods of construction that achieve the same results by different, more economical means. As an important team participant, you are kept informed as to available options and receive objective recommendations. Free flowing lines of communication are established from the outset of the program that can offer other advantages down the line in terms of schedule and quality control.

The stability and longevity of The Infinity Group has a direct connection to our people. Our expertise, commitment and resources allow us to offer full project control from initial conception to ribbon cutting.  Developing and controlling budgets, meeting deadlines and maintaining high quality standards are just what we do. By insuring the complete satisfaction of our project owners, our company has grown and prospered in a very competitive industry. The Infinity Group offers a wealth of experience needed to build and manage for our customers. Our comprehensive resources bring financing, investment counseling, design, engineering, construction, construction management, teamwork, quality control and precise scheduling to every project we handle.  We welcome the opportunity to serve as your development and construction partner.

            General Contractor

As a General Contractor, The Infinity Group would join your project team near the conclusion of the design phase, providing owners a traditional design-bid-build structure. Our team can perform general contractor duties on either a negotiated contract or bid contract basis. 

            Construction Management

As Construction Managers, The Infinity Group can provide service as either an owner's agent or on an "at-risk" basis where we become responsible for guaranteeing budget, quality, schedule and performance. Whichever means suits your project needs; we join your team through a negotiated contract or bid process and utilize our diverse experience to bring value to your project.


The Infinity Group has the resources to bring together the components required to establish and manage design-build teams, acting as the single point of contact for our clients and accepting responsibility for both design and construction phases. The design-build approach provides owners with an efficient way to interface with engineering, architectural, and construction team members early on, and facilitates an efficient, cost-effective parallel coordination structure.


David A Gethers

David Gethers is the Founder and Managing Member of The Infinity Group.  Mr. Gethers graduated from Auburn University in 1983 with a Bachelors Degree in Building Science. After graduation, Mr. Gethers worked in the Orlando, Florida area as a commercial and industrial concrete and masonry subcontractor for Carter Concrete Services Company, Inc.  In 1989 Mr. Gethers became Chief Estimator and Project Manager for McCree, Inc., a design/build company in Orlando.  In 1996 Mr. Gethers returned to Alabama and settled in the Auburn area where he became Vice President and Director of Construction Operations for Charter Construction Management Company, Inc., a developer/contractor of Multi- Family and Light Commercial projects.

Mr. Gethers founded The Infinity Group in 2004 with the goal to "create a professional general contracting and construction management organization that can offer project management, development and coordinating services for our real estate, investment and development community."

Margaret F Gethers

Margaret Gethers is a Member, and majority shareholder of The Infinity Group as well as Managing Member of Infinity Services, a company that specializes in construction renovations and remodeling.  Prior to helping her husband found The Infinity Group and starting Infinity Services, Mrs. Gethers was Construction Coordinator for Charter Construction Management, Co., Inc., a developer/contractor of Multi-Family and Light Commercial projects.  Mrs. Gethers is a past member of Women in Construction and has established herself as a company liaison and primary point of contact with our clients.  Mrs. Gethers heads up The Infinity Group’s quality control division, performing walking-through inspections and “punch” lists for our projects before owner occupation


“I have worked with David and Margaret Gethers for almost ten years, and have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise.  They go over and above to provide their customers with quality construction.”

Sean M. Foote, AIA, SR&F Architects

“We’ve worked with David and Margaret Gethers for 14 years.  David has completed every job he ever built for us within the budget.  The quality of his work was always good, but became even better when Margaret joined his team.  Their attention to detail, and ability to plan ahead, set them above most others in the building industry.  We’d recommend them without qualification.

Fred Bennett, Founder, The Bennett Group